Neural DSP - Darkglass Ultra Plugin (License)

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B7K Ultra & Vintage Ultra
Neural DSP has partnered with Darkglass Electronics, who have been creating products that have changed the way bass players craft their sound, to bring you the first official Darkglass plugins modeled on two of their best selling products – the B7K Ultra and the Vintage Ultra.

Original hardware features:
Master Master volume adjusts the overall volume of the unit. Ideal for fine tuning the output on clean mode.
Blend Mixes the clean input signal with the overdriven signal.
Level Sets the volume of the overdriven signal.
Drive Sets the amount of saturation in the overdriven signal.
Attack Switch Sets the amount of treble content to saturate between “Boost”, “Flat” and “Cut”.
Grunt Switch Sets the amount of low frequency content to saturate by selecting between three different bass boost levels before the clipping stage.
Bass +-12dB @ 100Hz
Lo Mids +-12dB switchable 250Hz, 500Hz and 1kHz
Hi Mids +-12dB switchable 750Hz, 1.5KHz and 3kHz
Treble +-12dB @ 5kHz

Cab Sim:
Along with an improved, gorgeous user interface, Darkglass Ultra Plugin 2.0 also features an extremely flexible cabinet simulation model. Captured by Mikko Logrén of ML Sound Lab exclusively for this plugin, this section brings the Ultra’s flexibility to a whole new realm. The DG210C’s custom-made Eminence® 10″ ceramic drivers, and unique crossover design add the perfect combination of girth and definition without the usual harshness of other cabinets not designed with saturated bass signals in mind. And like its physical counterpart, the virtual Tweeter knob allows you to add the perfect amount of edge and attack. This module features seven virtual microphones that can be placed anywhere in the cone and paired to combine different characteristics into the perfect frequency response. In addition to this, we have added a sub-kick to add earth-shaking low end and massive size to the sound. This module allows you to take your bass tracks to the next level effortlessly!


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Image of Neural DSP - Darkglass Ultra Plugin (License) Image of Neural DSP - Darkglass Ultra Plugin (License) Image of Neural DSP - Darkglass Ultra Plugin (License)